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פנס חכם Lightek LED Moving Wash 7 RGBW Zoom Plus

פנס חכם Lightek LED Moving Wash 7 RGBW Zoom Plus
פנס חכם Lightek LED Moving Wash 7 RGBW Zoom Plus

פנס שטיפה ממונע עם 7 לדים 4IN1 בעוצמה של 40W עם 4 צבעים RGBW וכולל זום אלקטרוני מבית Lightek

Equipped with 7*high MCD 4in1 40W RGBW LED, max. 280W, 50,000 hours.
LCD display;
New PWM dimming electronical theory applied for reasonable fresh rates:max.23KHz and real flicker free.
Dimming modes: linear, square law, inverse square law, s-curve, 0-100% linear dimming, separate strobe.
PFC electronic power supply.
8°-60° marvelous smooth zooming.
Driving IC and capacitors from USA and European unions equipped for steady constant current outputs.
Intelligent temperature self controlling: self adjusting temperature to protect at the time of max. temperature happening.
AC 100-240V 50/60Hz.
Power consumption: max. 320W.
8°-60° marvelous smooth zooming.
Working mode: DMX 512 protocol, master/slave, auto.
14 DMX channel modes.
Running temperature self controlling.
Displaying off 5 seconds automatically after finishing sets of the fixture.
Environmental temperature: -20° to 40º.
Hanging brackets included:omega-holder with quick-lock fasteners.
professional Power in powerCON, Power out powerCON equipped.
Net weight:8.50 kgs.
Dimensions: 325x215x385mm (L*W*D) (front head placed vertically).
Channel 1 - pan movement (Pan)
Channel 2 - pan fine 16 bit
Channel 3 - Vertical movement (Tilt)
Channel 4 - tilt fine 16 bit
Channel 5 - pan,tilt speed adjustment from fast to slow
Channel 6 -reset
Channel 7 - master dimmer from 0-100%
Channel 8 - strobe
Channel 9 – red dimmer from 0-100%
Channel 10 – green dimmer from 0-100%
Channel 11 –blue dimmer from 0-100%
Channel 12 –white dimmer from 0-100%
Channel 13 –color macros
Channel 14 -zooming
מק"ט: BEAM 7 PLUS
מחיר: 2,399
נותרו עוד 999
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